Annual General Meetings

The Annual General Meetings are held in different cities and towns in Poland. All our members are invited to the Annual General Meetings and we focus on hosting special guests who are experts on international politics or economy.

Recruitment in pandemic times

Dear YPIN members, 

Due to the pandemic in 2020, we had to suspend our traditional recruitment weekends in Falenty. At the same time, we made a decision to implement a two-stage online recruitment. It involves candidates presenting themselves to the board members via Zoom and a presentation of their topic of interest during a webinar to all members of our organization.

So far, we have had the pleasure of listening to many interesting webinars in different areas such as finance ("Robo-Advisory - Wealth Management with the help of artificial intelligence"), politics ("50th anniversary of granting women's voting rights in Switzerland"), religion and customs ("About kosher food" or "Korean pop-culture) or lifestyle (" Well-being - feeling home and at yourself wherever you are"). 13 new members currently living in Poland, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland joined our network.

Congratulations to the new YPIN members and we hope that your participation in our organization will be an enriching experience for you.


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The 16th Annual General Meeting took place in Hotel Skansen Conference & Spa in Sierpc between May 11-13. This year’s motto: „Digital empowerment or threat?“ was discussed during interdisciplinary panels with special guests: Dr Aleksandra Przegalińska, Dr hab. Kazimierz Krzysztofek, Dr Michał Młynarski, Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska, Jurand Drop and Mikołaj Niedźwiecki and YPIN members.

2017, Wroclaw/Kreisau 
The 15th Annual Genaral Meeting took place in Wroclaw and Kreisau on 23-25 June 2017. Our leading theme "Quo vadis, Europa? Scenarios for the EU after Brexit" was discussed in a panel debate at the historic Oratorium Marianum of the University of Wroclaw with Wojciech Przybylski, Editor-in-chief Visegrad Insight and Chairman of the Res Publica foundation in Warsaw, Miriam Lexmann, Director of the EU Office of the International Republican Institute in Brussels, Christian Davies, Correspondent with the Guardian based in Warsaw, Natacha Faullimmel, Policy Assistant at the European Political Strategy Centre, and moderated by Katarzyna Sobieraj, Head of Office and Advisor for Foreign Affairs for MEP Bogdan Zdrojewski, Speaker of YPIN. Our media partners were (, @EurActivPoland) and (, @KatoikosEU).

2016, Cracow 
The 14th Annual Genaral Meeting took place in Cracow in Przegorzaly-Castle on 20-22 May 2016. Our motto: European Union on Fire – Faces of European Crisis – Polish and European Realities. Our speakers were Malgorzata Bonikowska, Boguslaw Sonik and Marcin Żyła. The event was held under the patronage of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw.

2015, Cracow 
The 13th Annual Genaral Meeting took place in Cracow in Przegorzaly-Castle on 29-31 May 2015. This year we focused on Ukrainian crisis and discrimination. Our renowned speakers Klaus Bachmann and Rebecca Harms led a very passionate and touching discussion about Ukraine. All the aspects of discrimination were the topic of discussion between Monika Płatek and UK ambassador Robin Barnett. We have been also visited by the members of Toenissteiner-Kreis.

2014, Gdansk-Wyspa Sobieszewska 
The 12th Annual Genaral Meeting took place in Gdansk-Sobieszewo on 6-8 June 2014. The sessions focused on the two topics: 1) "Museum – can we call it the 10th Muse?” and 2) “The Muse of memory and national identity. Women of Solidarity – Motivation of Women to Solidarity". The event was held under the patronage of the Mayor of Gdańsk - Paweł Adamowicz.

2013, Sobienie Krolewskie 
The 11th Annual Genaral Meeting took place in Sobienie Krolewskie (near Warsaw) on 14-16 June 2013. The motto of our event was "Brave New World (of Information Technology)". We discussed technologies in HealthCare with the speakers Wojciech Rafał Wiewiórowski and Ewa Dąbrowska-Górniak. Our speakers and entrepreneurial guests held panels about start-up founding and the impact of new technologies on our personal lives now and in the future.

2012, Cracow 
The 10th Annual General Meeting took place in Cracow on 20-22 April 2012. The motto of the meeting was "Sustainability". The speakers included Leszek Zadlo, Jan Truszczynski, Ruediger Freiherr von Fritsch, Prof. Purchla, Prof. Bialas and Werner Brinker and offered an exciting overview of ideas related to sustainable development.

2011, Opalenica 
The 9th Annual General Meeting took place in Opalenica near Poznan on 10-12 June 2011. The meeting was dedicated to the "Preparations of Poland for the European Football Championship 2012". Ten panel speakers participated to the event to discuss the selected theme. In continuation to the previous meeting, panel presentations of several YPIN members were held.

2010, Lochow 
The 8th Annual General Meeting of YPIN took place in Lochow on 18-20 of June 2010. The official guest of this year’s AGM, Mikolaj Dowgielewicz, the state secretary for EU matters, gave a short speech on main issues of the Polish presidency in EU. Also a new Council of YPIN has been created, which main task was to reflect on the situation of YPIN and prepare changes to the statute.

2009, Sterdyn 
The 7th Annual General meeting took place in Sterdyn. The invited speaker, Michal Szczerba, Member of Polish Parliament gave us a brief comment on the works of the Polish-Georgian Parliamentary Group and Georgian situation. We also focused on getting to know each other better and thus we had a panel presentation of various YPIN members.

2008, Ciechocinek 
The 6th Annual General Meeting was dedicated to getting to know each other better and to presenting members’ interests and exchanging opinions on various, mostly European, topics. The network has been growing and it was necessary to reflect on our achievements and the challenges which were facing us.

2007, Warsaw 
At the 5th Annual General Meeting in 2007, which took place at the Royal Castle in Warszawa, the keynote speakers were Gesine Schwan (former President of the European University Viadrina, Candidate for the German President), Ernst von Studnitz, President of German-Russian Forum Peter Eigen, the former President of Transparency International and Wojciech Kostrzewa, President of German-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2006, Poznan 
Ex-Prime Minister of Latvia, Valdis Birkavs, together with the then Polish Ambassador in Germany Andrzej Byrt honoured the 4th Annual General Meeting.

2005, Gdansk 
EU Vice President Margot Wallström launched a discussion on European politics at the 3rd Annual General Meeting. At this occasion YPIN also received Senator Olga Krzyżanowska.

2004, Wroclaw 
At the 2nd Annual General Meeting the Speakers were Henryka Bochniarz, President of the Polish Private Employers Confederation „Lewiatan” and Rafal Dutkiewicz, governing mayor of the city of Wroclaw.

2003, Cracow 
Under the auspices and in the presence of the then Polish Minister for European Affairs Danuta Hübner and Gesine Schwan, former President of the European University Viadrina, Candidate for the German President, the founding assembly of "Young Polish International Network" took place in Cracow.

Programme AGM XVI.Sierpc

Young Polish International Network 
XVI Annual General Meeting 11-13 May 2018 
Sierpc, Hotel Skansen Conference & Spa 
Digital empowerment or threat? 
Digitalisation is one of the – if not the – defining characteristics of the contemporary era. The Internet of Things has changed the way in which culture, capital, commodities, and people circulate worldwide. Over the last decade, we have seen radical shifts in the production of knowledge, on the contemporary shape and processes of political participation and collective action, on social structures, on globalisa-tion processes as well as on the nexus of states, authority, and citizenship.

The advances in communication and information technology empower the unprivileged, create new business models and promise to free the citizen from limits imposed by the state. Yet next to this po-sitive aspects, digitalisation harbours several threats to human consciousness, social and state security, and does not always live up to the expectations of its consumers. 
As an organisation interested in preparing the Polish political, cultural and business elite of the future, YPIN has a vivid interest in strengthening knowledge and awareness of its members on pressing issues of our times and present them in a global context. Some of us design new technology or influence the way it is used, most of us use it on a day to day basis. The conference shall open our eyes to those aspects of technology that does not usually cross our minds. During the event we will try to find a nexus between not falling into a cyber-utopia with all its opportunities, but simultaneously point to its dangers.